Funny I came across this after having an anxiety attack last night. It’s crazy how in tune the minds of writers are with each other. Whether we realize it or not we tend to face the same battle. I love how you mentioned about commenting and engaging with others when you’re not feeling yourself, because it’s something I have also been thinking of lately. I may not be a middle aged dad but I have my own share of feeling alienated from the world around me, which is partly why I write. I love how you compared writing to intoxication. It really is, come to think of it. I won’t blabber any further. Just thank you for this.

I hope you’ll feel better soon. Whatever happens your writer friends, including me, are here for you. :)



A 20 year old author passionate about uplifting people and trying to make sense of a place we call the Universe. Say hi at 💫

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